Anyone who has lived in or attended a wedding in this area knows one thing for sure, THERE WILL BE COOKIES! Traditionally made by grandparents, friends, and relatives, the cookie table has become a long lived wedding trend that continues to delight guests. Many cookies that people expect to be in the fantastic array are complicated, time consuming cookies. If you find that you will be attending a function that needs some of these splendid delights but don't have time to make them yourself call us and we can make all your favorites. Below is a photo and description of all the cookies we offer. (if you have a special recipe you would like to see us make please let us know) For a list of prices please download it from the left. 

Clothespin Cookies

This light and flaky puff pastry is wrapped into a spiral and baked until a beautiful golden brown filled with our original recipe of filling (similar to the cooked recipe)

 Buckeye Cookies

Buckeye CookiesSmooth and creamy peanut butter dough, dipped in chocolate. NO TOOTHPICK HOLES HERE!

Raspberry Tarts

Sweet crust with Red Raspberry filling and topped with a cream cheese icing and Coconut.

Cheesecake Cookies 

Miniature Cheesecake Cookie- Vanilla wafer crust with cheescake filling and cherry topping.

Frosty Chocolate Thumbprint

Chocolate cookie rolled in nuts, topped with a hug and wrapped with buttercream icing.

Cream Wafers

Certainly the holiday favorite. this light and fluffy extremely addictive sandwich cookie is one of our best sellers!

Peanut Butter Blossoms

Peanut Butter Cookie with a Chocolate Kiss on top.

Carmelo Tarts

Caramel and walnut tart with a wonderful icing topping.

Red Velvet White Chocolate Chunk

Deep Chocolate Cookie with white chocolate chunks makes a great combination and the color is great to brighten up that dessert table.

Pecan Tarts

Just like a miniature Pecan Pie 


Butter dough cookie with a maraschino cherry encircled with Buttercream icing and sweetened coconut.

Coconut Macaroon Cookies

Apple Crisp Tarts

A miniature Dutch Apple Pie with streusel topping.

Double Iced Brownies

Cookies & Cream Truffles

Smooth and creamy Oreo cookie and cream cheese blended, rolled and dipped in a colored chocolate, then drizzled for a festive look. 

Drizzled Sugar Cookies