Filigree Chocolate Eggs

These Chocolate filagree eggs are simple. First Pick a few of your favorite colors. 

You will need glycerin and some small (water balloon) sized balloons, a wire rack and some bulldog clips.

add a drop or two to a half pound of chocolate. DO NOT add too much! Glycerin is a thickening agent and will make the chocolate hold its shape when you drizzle it. 

First put a 1/2" piece of CLEAR TRANSPARENT tape (not the cloudy dull kind). This will be where you poke the balloon when you are finished so that it does not burst.

Start at the bottom of the balloon making looped drizzles like a flower around the base. 

move to the next row, do not over lap this row. 

After that make a third row between the two, overlapping both of the previous rows.

Continue around the entire balloon EXCEPT the top where you are holding the tied portion.

Make sure you leave a big enough opening at the top of the balloon to allow it to be removed after it is deflated.

 These are difficult to determine if there are set. The chocolate will remain shiny so you have to do a touch test.  

DO NOT FREEZE TO SET, they will crack! 

Poke a hole with a nice sharp pin through the tape. 

you may need to "help" the balloon release from the chocolate by GENTLY pushing it away from it. 

You can use various tools to help remove it.

These tweezers have a curve that allows you to get into and under the chocolate.

Once the balloon is completely released pull it through the hole at the top. 

Now your done!

If your hole is extremely noticable you can use a royal icing decoration to cover it with a dab of chocolate on the back, but most people wont notice it.