Drizzled Crisp Rice "CRUNCH" Egg

Making beautiful treats is a very simple process. These molds are a standard plain egg. 

Using a Pastry bag or a fork drizzle colored chocolate over your molds in various patterns.

One color at a time overlap the colors and tap the mold on the table between each. 

This mold has three colors. Make sure that when you drizzle the colors you do more each time so that you can see the new color under the previous ones. 

Your first color will be the most visible.

Here is the same idea only with yellow, green and blue. I got a bit more creative with the designs as I went.


This is Crisp Rice. This is what is found in a Nestle Crunch Bar.

Crisp Rice is much better to use for chocolate than rice crispies because it is a sphere and when you stir it the balls roll around the spatula and dont get crushed. 

A little of this goes a VERY long way.

Mix it in and your done!

You need to use a large opening when you use "crunch" in chocolate. Sometimes the balls will block the opening of the bag if it is too small. 

Fill the mold just below the top. Over fill can become a big problem after the chocolate sets when you have alot of "excess" drizzle.

Once the chocolate is set don't remove them from the molds without rocking the candy piece side to side.

This removes the excess around the edge and will make it alot easier. 

Slide the excess away from the mold before you pop them out. (you'll see why later )

HERE THEY ARE! Beautiful, fancy delicious Easter treats that take no time at all!

This is what happens when you don't remove the excess chocolate before popping them out of the mold, "dust" will stick to the piece. 

The eggs below are a variation on the crisp rice Made exactly the same only Dark Chocolate with Dried Cranberries