Chocolate Molds with Two Colors

Two Layers of colors in a candy mold

Chocolate molds have MANY uses, you dont have to just pour it solid and pop it out! 

First I started with Drizzling a pattern on the mold. I use a disposable pastry bag with a very small tip to make neat controlled lines

(you can use a fork, but it is not as controlled and usually thick and thin in areas)

Tap the mold on the table to make sure that the lines are adhered to the surface of the mold. Not hanging. 














When you finish drizzling the design you are trying to achieve let it set for a minute or two. While you are waiting make sure the next color you are going to use is not HOT.

You should be able to hold it in your hand. If you take the next step with chocolate that is too hot it will bleed together and blur the nice lines that you made. 

Start to fill the mold where the drizzle is and make sure to get chocolate in between the lines (not leaving air) Once you have filled it 1/2 way stop.

Tap the mold to make sure any air trapped between the drizzles is removed.


Do not let this color set! while it is still warm start your next color. 

When you start your next color -Trace the outer rim of the mold. You have to get the color of chocolate adhered to the plastic before filling it in.

If you fill from the middle it will push the bottom color up the sides of the mold. 

Once you have the sides outlined you can zigzag the chocolate back and forth to fill the rest of the cavity.

Again, do not concentrate the color in one area or the back will have two colors.

You want to color the back with the chocolate in a thin layer. Tap the mold again to remove ant final air trapped by the layers of chocolate?

Place the mold in the freezer to set it up quickly. this size piece will only take a few minutes.

Once you remove the chocolates from the mold make sure you wipe each cavity with a paper towel between use.

(when you drizzle colors it will leave an invisible oily residue at the intersection of each color and this will transfer to your next chocolates if the mold isn't wiped clean. You will see "dull" lines on the next chocolates if you don't take this step)

Drizzle is the easiest design to create but once you learn to control your chocolate you can actually draw designs and patterns that are more interesting and intricate! I love the contrast and the layers when I make these Candies and You can give them as is or attach them to a "blank" sucker mold.