Sparkling Sugar Corsets


Sparkling Sugar Corsets

Its important to know how to use your chocolate properly and melting it the correct way. If you have not already read our Melting Instructions please do this first. It will explain ALL the different ways to melt chocolate CORRECTLY. 


Now that you know how to melt your chocolate this is what our mold looks like with the "lace" areas painted black. It isn't necessary to be perfect when painting this because the sugar sparkle will hid any color bleeds between the two areas. 

The two on the left are going to be pieces while the two on the right are going to be on a stick. 

If you want to make a sucker mold into a piece instead of on the stick simply fill a small part of the stick area with the color that will be on the bottom of the mold. It is important to make sure it is thick enough that when you cut it off you won't see the white we are using behind the black. 

The two on the left that will have a stick do not have chocolate in the stick cavity. 

After the painted portion of the mold was set, but not cold, we fill the mold behind it with white chocolate. Let the painted color set at room temperature, do not set these colors in the freezer or they will release from the mold and the backing fill will seep in front of them. Make sure the solid backing color isn’t HOT when you fill the molds or it  will run the colors that are painted. 

Once you remove the candy from the mold use a toothpick or paring knife to trim any excess around the edge. and cut the "stick" chocolate to make a smooth bottomed piece. 

This is the candy after it came out of the mold. Notice the one on the right did not have the stick area filled with black and you can see the white I used to fill it. (I forgot to put the sticks in, yes even the professionals make a few absent minded mistakes here and there)

When you are pouring sugar over these molds it is VERY important not to over freeze the pieces when you are setting them. If you leave them in too long and take them out of the mold, condensation will form and make the entire piece sticky. If the piece is sticky SUGAR WILL STICK EVERYWHERE! - if you think you may have left them in too long LEAVE THEM IN THE MOLDS until the piece has reached the same temperature as the room. The back will be sticky but the front is still protected by the mold and shouldn't be as bad if at all. 

Use pink chocolate in a disposable decorators bag to trace the edge of the top and bottom Lace. (straight or wiggled it works the same, I usually cut the tips of the bags small so if i am painting something small I can control the amount coming from the bag. I wiggled it back and forth to create a thicker area for the sugar)

I used the lid from our sugar container to set the chocolate piece in and spoon to pour the fine, pink sugar over the line detail while it is still wet. You can use course sugar if you would like but it looked a bit large for the size of this mold. 


Cover both lines heavily, you can pour the excess back into the bowl after but once the chocolate has set you will not be able to add more sugar. 

Shake the extra sugar off and your finished!